October 28, 2020

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How To Pay With Amazon Gift Card

Step 1. Buy Amazon online gift card


(If international use the Amazon from your country to do the below)


Please enter the amount of eGift Voucher which equals the amount of your subscription price and follow the instructions as shown below



2. Add your credit or debit card


Enter Name on card, Card Number and Expiration date and click Add your card



3. Click Continue



4. If this is your first time shopping on Amazon, you will need to enter your billing address.


Click Use this address



5. Click Use this address



6. Check your details and after you are sure that everything is correct click Buy now


An Amazon gift card will be sent to the selected delivery method, there will be a «claim code» on the card with which you can pay for purchases



Step 2 How to order on Free Course Monkey?


1. Once you have placed your order and purchased an Amazon gift card by following the above you will need to go to the contact us page on our website and send us a message with the Amazon gift card code and your order number from your order with us.



2. After you have sent us the code please wait for your Free Course Monkey username and password so you can log in