November 30, 2020

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How To Pay Using Card


1. Once you have placed your order take note of the order number as you will need to send it to us with the voucher code.


2. You can buy a voucher from here Buy here »  and send us the voucher code by following the below


Note! Payments are charged in Euro. So you need to convert your order total to Euros use THIS CURRENCY CONVERTER


If you are paying in $ or any other currency just simply change the from part to your currency.


3.  Please enter the amount of Cypto Voucher which equals the amount of your subscription choice and click CHECKOUT.
Note! Remember to convert to Euro using the above currency convertor.



8. Select Card Payment, Check the box and click PAY NOW



9. Enter your Card details and click PAY



10. Pass ID verification


11. After these steps, you will receive a crypto voucher code to your email box and in your account on


12. Now go to our contact us page and send us your voucher code and a message with your order number


13. We will then shortly send you your username and password so you can log in.