November 30, 2020

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Tej Dosa – 6 Figure Promotions Free Download –

How To Write High Converting Copy – Even If You’ve Never Written A Word Of Copy Before…
Plus Get The Exact Emails You Can Copy/Paste To Get Clients To Pay You For Your Copywriting Services FREE

How 6 Figure Promotions Will Transform You…


No high ROI skills
Making baby money
Low converting copy
Don’t know how to get clients
Struggling to convert cold traffic

Possess the #1 skill: direct-response copywriting
Know how to write copy that sells just about anything (at scale)
Write high converting copy that pulls in BIG $$$s (for yourself or clients!)
Convert cold traffic with ease (by executing like a 8-figure marketer)
Crack the code to getting clients to pay you for your copywriting services

Here’s A Quick Summary Of What You Get:

Discover the battle tested “Copy-Conception” system that a 8-figure marketer programmed into my brain (this is the easiest and fastest way to write copy that actually converts!)
Learn how to use Copy Conception to sell anything at scale (forget everything you know about copywriting and follow this step-by-step system and you’ll make money hand over fist)
Follow along and create your own high converting promotion from scratch
Watch me build a LIVE 6-figure promotion
Bonus #1: 2 six figure promotions I wrote
Bonus #2: 100 quick hacks to make your copy convert
Bonus #3: 6 Figure Promotions Cheat Sheet
Plus get Client Conversion Secrets for FREE and steal my scripts, templates, and campaigns to get your first copywriting client (everything is done for you! Simply copy/paste & you’ll get clients)
For just $497 (Paid to me or any charity of your choice!)


Download for free using  the links below or if you are a premium member use the 1 fast download link below


6 Figure – Part 1
6 Figure – Part 2
6 Figure – Part 3
6 Figure – Part 4
6 Figure – Part 5
6 Figure – Part 6
6 Figure – Part 7
6 Figure – Part 8
6 Figure – Part 9
6 Figure – Part 10
6 Figure – Part 11


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