January 19, 2021

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The Lean Content Academy

The Lean Content Academy

The Lean Content Academy

The Lean Content Academy

Our Academy Is About To Open For Business

We’re building the smartest, leanest and all-round most exciting content academies on the web.

Courses coming soon.

The Advanced Content Roadmap Generator

The Lean Content Academy Content roadmap

The Copy Generator: A Tool To Create Powerful, Persuasive Copy

copy generator

The Content Checklist: 84 Actionable Steps To A Perfect Campaign

84 actionable steps

BUNDLE: 96+ Black Friday Graphic Templates

graphic template

The Social Media Ad Generator: Generate Thousands Of Copy Variations With Just A Few Clicks

social media ad generator

The Sales Prospect Analyzer

sales prospector

The List Builder – A Game-Changing Formatter For Listicles

list builder

The Bullet Template: Create Briefs For Complex Content Pieces In 7-10 Minutes

bullet template

Best of Both: Bullet Template AND List Builder

bullet template and list builder

The Content Marketer’s Power Pack

content marketer power pack

The Ultimate Bundle

ultimate bundle

[Bundle Deal] Bullet Template, List Builder AND Sales Prospect Analyzer

bundle deal

The Generator Bundle

generator bundle

The Megabundle

mega bundle

SalesPage (more info) Archive

The Lean Content Academy Contains: Videos, PDF’s


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